Immigration Impact – Building Immigrants Lives

Relocation to another country is a life changing experience to all immigrants. The first few months are the crucial time for the immigrants as they need to adjust on different changes like new environment, culture, language and people. Adjustment period may vary depends on the immigrant or newcomer – it involves both adaptation and acceptance.

Aside for playing a vital role in shaping and developing the country’s economy, immigration also provides huge impact to the demographic profile, population, employment, production of the country – and most of all to the immigrants’ life.

In Canada, economic impact of immigration is an important subject. Today, Canada is among the countries across the world that accepts most immigrants per capita. Canadian Citizenship and former Immigration Minister Jason Kenney believe that immigrants are one of the most important elements of Canada’s economic success. (

There are several things to think about after a person immigrate in Canada – whether you are moving as a family, skilled worker, student or a business person. Here are some of the key points that might be helpful to future immigrants:

  1. Look for the immigrant-serving organization as soon as an immigrant arrives in Canada. These organizations will help a newcomer for language assessments, finding a job, finding a place to live and different community services.
  2. The objective of moving to Canada is to obtain Permanent Resident Card. This is the proof of a resident status in Canada. Being a permanent resident, a person is entitled for the following advantages:
  • Receive most of the benefits that Canadian citizens receive including health care coverage
  • Live and work anywhere in Canada
  • Protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom
  1. It is by law that a newcomer or Canadian citizen must have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) in order to work in Canada and to receive benefits from government programs.
  2. Residents and citizens of Canada are entitled to apply for Canadian Health Care card. Having this health card will give an eligibility for most health care services at free of cost.
  3. Opening a bank account is also a helpful tool for residents and citizens of Canada. Building a good credit history will benefit the residents in the future.

Certainly, moving to Canada is one of the top choice destinations by the immigrants across the world. Holding a unique reputation with its multicultural society – this country will continue to reshape and build immigrants lives.

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