This Questionnaire is intended as part of RCI’s due diligence process on applications submitted under its quota in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. The contents of this Questionnaire do not constitute legal advice. By filling this Questionnaire, you acknowledge and understand that RCI is under no obligation to further process your application, nor is it in any way required to submit your application under its quota to immigration authorities.




Please answer each question as realistically as possible. Please provide as many details as possible. Immigration authorities generally require solid evidence to support statements, therefore, you may be asked to support any portion of your declaration with solid evidence;

The Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI), and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), both enjoy a high level of discretion in the evaluation of files. Keep in mind that, should RCI ultimately submit your application, an immigration officer is in charge of making the final decision regarding your application;


The laws and regulations are numerous and diverse. They change often and each applicant has unique and different particularities. The immigration offices where immigration applications are submitted also have their particular standards and requests, and these may change or evolve with time. Therefore, it is possible that more information or documents be requested in order to complete your application, even though all efforts are made to ensure that your file is as complete as possible at the time of submission, should RCI ultimately submit your application.


Provide information for yourself and your spouse, when needed. “Spouse” is defined as (1) Marital spouse, or (2) conjugal partner with whom you have lived for at least one year...


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