Quebec Sets Its Sights On Attracting More Foreign Investor Capital

When foreign investors are seeking markets for their capital, they look for Canadian companies with a global reach. Dozens of companies with global reach and market share call Quebec home, in no small part because of its diverse economy and robust investment environment. 

At a recent speech in New York, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard told his audience that Quebec's North features rich reserves of minerals such as nickel, cobalt, platinum, zinc, iron ore and gold. Investment in Canadian natural resources is a good place to start for a foreign investor. 

“The Quebec economy is incredibly diverse with a strong base of skilled workers which makes a huge difference for investors around the world,” said Sylvain Payette, President and CEO of Renaissance Capital in Montreal. “Foreign investors know they will get a positive return on their investments with the opportunity to earn residency and ultimately citizenship in Canada. That is a positive outcome for everyone.”
As the only dealer specializing in the Immigrant Investor program, Renaissance Capital provides sound investment advice to thousands of experienced business people and entrepreneurs every year. 

To apply for the Immigrant Investor Program, business people or senior managers must qualify by the minimum criteria: 

Foreign investors may also opt for a financing option of the investment at the cost of $220,000 CDN.

Asked after the speech what message he had wanted to impart, Couillard replied: "That here in Quebec, they have a friendly neighbour, a stable neighbour and a neighbour that is open for business."