French Canadians Welcoming Parisians in Large Numbers

Going to Paris to speak French with the locals has always been a popular vacation idea for people throughout Quebec. It seems that a growing number of Parisians feel exactly the same way about coming to Montreal and Quebec City. The main difference is how many are staying.

According to an article by the Globe and Mail, in 2013 nearly 55,000 French citizens were registered at the French consulate in Montreal, up by about 45 per cent from 2005, according to the consulate. In reality, that number is likely much higher.

A consulate spokesman estimates only about half of the French in Canada register, putting the estimated number of French citizens in Montreal at about 110,000. Toronto and Quebec City are the next most popular destinations, each home to about 10,000 registered French citizens.

“We have certainly noticed the trend of more Parisian French people coming to Quebec to study, work and live,” said Sylvain Payette, Renaissance Capital Group CEO. “They feel comfortable with the language and they are moving to a province which is taking proactive steps to attract foreign capital investment. The province of Quebec is doing well. ”

Over the past decade, 30,000 immigrants from France have gained permanent resident status in Quebec, according to the consulate, far below the total number here on temporary student and work-travel visas. But it’s still among the top immigrant countries of origin in Quebec, alongside Algeria, Morocco, China and Haiti.

In comparison to those countries, Canada is an economically stable, democratic country with a social security system along with clean air and water which provides opportunities for people coming to Canada from around the world to start a new life. 

While language is an important factor, many French people are investing in businesses and enrolling in universities to improve their employment prospects. Canada in general and Quebec in particular is seen by the French immigrants as a good place to start businesses free from the bureaucracy and regulations seen in France.

Renowned for its unequalled standard of living, Canada provides safe neighbourhoods, even in large urban areas, excellent free medical care for everyone, a strong banking system, world class education and universities as well as dynamic opportunities to establish successful businesses. This country was founded and built by immigrants and to this day continues to welcome them warmly.

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